Sunday, 13 September 2015

The 'oh look it's not a dress!' Ressica Raglan Top

I feel like I've been sewing an abundance of dresses for Little Miss lately so figured it was time to try something a bit different.

I liked the Ressica Raglan top when it was released a while ago from Craftiness is not Optional.  I finally decided to give it a go but couldn't find my elastic thread when it came time to do the shirring at the very end.  I remembered another blogger saying that they had left the shirring off so I tried it on without and it still looks quite sweet.  It's quite roomy and maybe when I get to the shops for more thread I might try the shirring but I think it looks OK for now.  I have found the neckline to be quite big so the shirring may help with that.

I used some Cotton and Steel print I'd originally planned for something else, and is the usual case with me, I changed my mind and used it for this instead. I used some pink fabric for the raglan sleeves and my trusty white press studs instead of buttons.

The top all went together quickly and easily with pattern pieces all lining up like they should. No parts were particularly difficult.  The bias binding was fiddly for the neckline, but then I always find bias binding fiddly.

It's been nice to feel a slight bit of warmth in the air and have some Sun shining just to tease some warmer weather.  It was great to get outside, pick some flowers and run around with your mouth open, which is the done thing when you're three apparently.

I only got my DSLR a few months ago so I'm still practising with different light conditions and settings which is a lot of fun.  I tried using the other lens that came with the camera today and I like how some of the shots have come out, although there were a fair few over-exposed shots.

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