Friday, 1 May 2015

Liberty Swing Set Tunic

While it's nice to be able to sew something together quickly and easily, every now again it's nice to do something a little more involved.

This is the Oliver and S Swingset tunic in a Liberty cotton.  I love this print! I have some in the blue version too and I'd love to get some for myself.  It's one of their quilting cottons instead of teh more expensive lawns, but it was still lovely to work with and still had a lovely drape to it.  I bought half a metre and was able to squeeze this top out of it.

I've made a Swingset tunic in the past and was surprised with how much wear Freya got out of it.  I'm not one for shoestring straps for myself, or the Little Miss but this pattern layers really nicely with both short sleeve and long sleeved shirts.  I've found she's worn it a lot in summer and winter so I knew when her old one was getting a bit on the small side, it was high time for a new one.

The pattern isn't overly complicated but has a number of steps and I found I had to concentrate on following the directions carefully.  It was worth that little bit of time and effort though and I'm sure she will wear it just a much as the last one.  


  1. It's lovely! I've been awfully tempted to add this pattern to my Oliver + s collection...

  2. It's worth it! To be honest I wasn't tempted at first but I'm glad I got it after all.