Saturday, 30 May 2015

Spotty Franklin Dress

I think one of the things I enjoy most about sewing is the planning.  Deciding which fabric to use with which pattern and sometimes this can be a match made in Heaven and then other times, not so much.

Unfortunately I think this may be case of the latter.  I've been wanting to make the Franklin Dress by the Brooklyn Pattern Co for a while and had my heart set on a dusky blue dotty fabric.  When I went to the store though this was the closest I could find.  I think I should have walked away and gone to another of my haunts but I had decided I wanted to make this dress NOW. The trouble is now its all sewn up it kind of reminds me of a nightgown...

The pattern itself was lovely.  I think the trickiest bit is lining up the centre fold on the yoke pieces for the buttons.  I'm not sure if I got it quite right and that band seems a bit narrow.  The sleeves are puffier than what I'm usually used to, but look quite nice and I think it is a bit too long.  I think I will make it again just be a bit more careful with my fabric choice,  I think I'd like to make a black one with a brightly colored yoke.

Life is keeping me pretty busy here.  Freya very much enjoyed her birthday a little while ago but is now very obsessed with birthdays and the cake and parties, telling anyone who listens about birthday cake and blowing out the candles, which is lovely just not at 4am in the morning!

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